March 22, 2022

United Airlines Pet Policy – Pet Transport & Shipping: All you need to know

United Airlines Pet Policy

United Airlines Pet Policy permits you to bring your pet onboard your flight. As long as you are not afraid to fly in the presence of a pet, the airline does not have any restrictions. The airline allows you to check-in as many as two pets per passenger.

However, if you want to travel with your pet, you must check with the accessibility desk to ensure proper documentation. A service animal is a dog used to communicate with the customer.

United Airlines Fees for Flying with Pets

Many travellers are concerned about the fees associated with flying with their pets. Fortunately, United Airlines has simplified the process and made it easier than ever for pet owners to travel with their companions.

There are no additional requirements for bringing your pet along for the flight, and you can choose between checked baggage and cargo. To travel with your pet, you must be at least six months old and have a carrier that can hold your pet’s entire body.

To fly with your pet on United, you must first ensure that it is registered with the airline. If you are travelling with a pet, you must provide a copy of the vaccination certificate for your pet.

Also, your pet must be tattooed with its name and number. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to take your pet on the flight. You must check with the specific airline’s baggage policy to travel to other destinations.

If you’re flying with your pet on United, you’ll have to register the animal at the airline’s customer service desk. After you register your pet, they’ll give you a bright yellow bag tag.

Your pet must be at least two months old to travel in the cabin. If you’re travelling with a larger dog, your pet must be over four months old.

NOTE: As per United Airlines Pet Policy If your pet is more than a half-pound, you’ll have to purchase a ticket for it.

Types of pets allowed on United Airlines flights

United Airlines Pet Policy allows some types of pets on its flights. However, there are some restrictions on where they can be taken, so check the rules and regulations first. For instance, you cannot bring a service animal onboard a United flight.

For this reason, you must provide the required documentation at least 48 hours prior to your flight. You can also bring one service animal for free if you are a certified trainer.

The service animal must be unoccupied in the passenger cabin and not be travelling in the trainer’s vehicle. Lastly, there are regulations for travelling with therapy animals on board.

The United Airlines Pet Policy varies greatly, but they generally allow cats, small dogs, and rabbits. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in first and business class. It is possible to bring two dogs, but you must follow the airline’s guidelines for carrying them.

The airline also has other restrictions. Whether your pet can travel on a plane may be difficult. You can check the rules on each carrier before purchasing.

United Airlines Pet Reservations

You can travel with your pet on United Airlines by making reservations in advance. If you’re planning to travel with a dog, cat, or bird, you can make a reservation with your pet.

The airline will allow pets in the cabin on domestic and international flights. But you must make sure you have rabies or a health certificate for your pet before you fly.

In addition, if you have a layover of more than four hours within the United States or 24 hours outside of the United States, you will need to pay an extra fee.

The airline requires a health certificate and a rabies vaccination for your pet to travel. If your pet is not rabies-vaccinated, you must get him a rabies shot at least 30 days before flying.

You can also contact United Airlines for advice on travelling with a dog. You can make reservations for your pet simultaneously as your seat. Whether you have a dog or cat, you can always book the flight through United.

If you’re flying with a dog, you must make a reservation at least five days prior to your trip. You’ll need to fill out an application that provides the airline with all the necessary information about your pet.

You will need to submit the completed form as early as five days before your flight date. Alternatively, you can call United Airlines to make reservations for a pet-friendly cabin. The process to book a United Airlines pet-friendly flight is easy and convenient.

United Airlines Pet in the Cabin

Travelling with a pet on a United flight can be a hassle, but a new rule may make it easier. According to the Department of Transportation report, the carrier with the highest pet death rate is United.

Moreover, pets cannot be carried as checked baggage or in the cargo hold and are not allowed in the first and last rows. Fortunately, you can still fly with your pet in the cabin if you follow certain guidelines.

If you’re flying domestically with your pet, United Airlines will allow your pet in the cabin on flights to the continental U.S., Canada, Mexico, or South Africa. However, it’s important to note that some airlines have restrictions, such as flying with a service animal.

You may not be able to bring a service animal on board if it’s too large. A small dog can travel in a backpack if its owner has the proper paperwork, but larger dogs should be in a separate carrier.

If your pet is a cat or a dog, you can’t bring it on a United flight to Mexico. You can pick up your pet from the baggage claim area, but you’ll need to pay extra. Unless your pet has the correct vaccinations, you won’t be allowed to travel with a pet on a United flight to Mexico.

NOTE: The airline also states that your pet must be at least 8 weeks old and weaned.

United Airlines Pets in Checked Baggage

The rules for travelling with pets on United Airlines are simple:

  • your pet must be smaller than 77 pounds, have its crate, and be contained in a space not larger than three cubic feet.
  •  In addition to the crate, your pet must be wearing a harness that is easy to clean and secure.
  •  For your pet’s safety, you should never put food or medication in the crate, but you can pack your pet’s favourite toys in its crate.

Before you fly with your pet, you’ll need a health certificate, vaccination records, and a rabies vaccination certificate. You’ll also need to provide a health certificate for your pet no more than 10 days before travel.

To transport your pet to another country, you must use a reputable company specialising in international pet transportation. You’ll need to find a reputable airline that allows you to transport your pet in the crate.

To travel with your pet, you must fill out the proper paperwork. You must be a U.S. citizen and a citizen of the United States. You can obtain the necessary information by calling the United Customer Contact Center.

If you’re flying with a pet from another country, be sure to provide a valid rabies vaccination certificate. If your pet is travelling with you internationally, you should also ensure that your pet is fully weaned and healthy.

United Airlines Pets Guidelines & Restrictions

Before travelling with your pet, it is best to read the United Airlines Pets Guidelines & Restrictions.

  • The airline reserves the right to refuse to transport certain animals and impose quarantine conditions.
  • If you need to fly with your pet, you should always check with your veterinarian first before booking your ticket.
  • You should also make sure that your animal is not aggressive and does not have a history of aggression.

If you’re travelling with a small dog, cat, or bird, you’re likely to be allowed to bring them on board. However, for larger pets, you’ll need to purchase a ticket on a different airline.

Luckily, United allows a few types of animals onboard its flights. Rabbits, household birds, and service animals are among the many species of animals that can travel on board.

To travel with a pet, you must make sure you contact the airline to make transportation arrangements. The airline must approve your pet before you can travel with them. The carrier must be waterproof, provide adequate ventilation, and secure fasteners. Zippers are preferred.

NOTE: The size of the carrier should not exceed 18 inches long by 11 inches high.

You must ensure that your pet’s kennel meets all these requirements.

United Airlines Pet Travel Tips and Tricks

There are several tips for travelling with your pet on United Airlines, including avoiding the common pitfalls.

  • First, be sure to check in with customer service, where they will provide you with a bright yellow bag tag.
  • If your pet is travelling in the cabin, make sure it is restrained and confined to a kennel at its feet or underneath a front seat.
  •  Be sure to follow the rules regarding feeding and watering your pet while on board.

Be sure to keep the information about your pet with you. Please include your veterinarian’s name, the location of their home, and their contact information. Also include the contact information of a trusted person or facility in your destination country.

If your pet needs emergency medical attention, you should also provide the details of your financial resources and access to vets. Finally, be sure to get points for your travel expenses when flying with a pet.

During your travel, be sure to prepare your pet for the rigours of travelling with you. Ideally, you should start booking as early as possible.

To ensure availability, you can call the airline directly. If you can, book your flight over the phone. Be sure to call the airline at least 24 hours before departure. You’ll want to be ready to meet your pet when they arrive at the airport.

How strict is United Airlines pet policy?

A pet traveling in cabin must be carried in an approved hard-sided or soft-sided kennel. The kennel must fit completely under the seat in front of you and remain there at all times. The maximum dimensions for hard-sided kennels are 17.5 inches long x 12 inches wide x 7.5 inches high (44 cm x 30 cm x 19 cm).

How much does it cost for a dog to fly United?

Pets must remain inside their pet carrier underneath the seat in front throughout the journey. You will be prompted to see an agent at check-in to receive a pet tag to attach to Fido’s carrier. Only 1 adult cat or dog is allowed in each carrier. The fee for pets in the cabin is $125 each way on United Airlines flights.

Does United have a pet weight limit?

Maximum Weight Allowed: No weight restriction. Cargo Area/Checked Baggage Pet Fee: The cost to ship your pet depends on the combined weight of your pet plus the weight of your kennel.

Does United allow pets in first class?

Two pets per flight are allowed in United First, United Polaris Business and United Business (select aircraft only). No pets are permitted in United First, United Polaris Business and United Business on Boeing B757 200, B767, B777 or B787 aircraft (due to inadequate storage space under the seat).

Can I buy my dog a seat on United?

So, if you want to buy a seat for your dog on the plane, you must fly with two dogs on United Airlines. Additionally, your dogs must be small enough to fit comfortably in individual, United-approved travel carriers.

Can I buy a seat for my cat on an airplane?

Even though you can’t buy an extra seat for your cat, you’ll still have to make a reservation for it. Several of the biggest airlines in the U.S. charge $125 each way for an in-cabin cat.

How do you take a cat through airport security?

How will I move through the security checkpoint at the airport? Your cat’s travel carrier must go through the luggage X-ray screening device at the airport, and your cat cannot, so you will have to carry her in your arms through the human screening device.


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United Airlines Pet Policy

United Airlines Pet Policy permits you to bring your pet onboard your flight. As long as you are not afraid to fly in the presence of a pet, the airline does not have any restrictions. The airline allows you to check-in as many as two pets per passenger.

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