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While interacting with AirTravelPolicy we may obtain some information about you. To keep you informed here we are providing an overview of our privacy practices with regards to your interaction with our website. Please go ahead and review our Privacy Policy act to get a detailed explanation of the practices employed by us.


Our privacy policy is meant to disclose facts like:

What information is collected when you visit our website?

How your information would be used and under what circumstances can it be disclosed?

How the information can be controlled by you?

What are your rights?

What we do to safeguard your information?

  1. What information is collected when you visit our website?

As a site visitor, you may be required to provide information when you would like to subscribe to the corporate communication collateral released by our website. Yet at the same time seeking to be made aware of the regular promotional offers, we come up with. Say for instance to subscribe to our newsletter you would be required to provide information like:

  • Your Name, Email ID, Postal Address and Phone Number, Age and Date of Birth
  • For logging in Your Username and Password
  • Gender, Occupation and Postal Code
  • Details for subscribing to our Newsletter
  • Correspondence we receive through you
  • Information collected at the time of a Site Visit

It is not necessary all information is voluntarily disclosed by site visitors. There is also information that gets collected automatically whenever a site is visited. This information can consist of:

  • The device type, Browser and the OS of the visitor
  • IP Address and websites visited before visiting our website
  • Web Pages and advertisements clicked on our site
  • Information collected via cookies and standard server log information
  1. How your information would be used and under what circumstances can it be disclosed?

The information collected by us can be used to send you newsletters, making you aware of the latest competitions, special offers, and promotions. Information collected from you can also be used for the customization of advertisements you see or customization of content according to your needs.

However, this information can be disclosed when we are required to so by law, take steps to protect our business and protect other users. Information can also be disclosed during the sale of business. In other circumstances information can be disclosed to 3rd parties which are allowed to store and track information of visitors to our site. We can also disclose personal data to those providing services on our website provided they have appropriate processes in place to protect a visitor’s personal data.

Other than the above circumstances, your information will be only disclosed with your consent.

  1. How the information can be controlled by you?

Those residing in the European Union have the right to ask back for the information they feel is with us. This is in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation Rights). Visitors have the right to ask the website owners for a

  • Free copy of any data put on the website
  • Ask for any changes on personal data if there are discrepancies
  • Ask for deletion of personal data
  • Restriction on Data Processing
  • Make an objection to processing of Data
  1. What are your Rights?

No information is collected from children. In case if it comes to light a child has provided information then that information is deleted right away. However, we won’t be responsible for any information site visitors provide to any 3rd party entities associated with us.

  1. What we do to safeguard your information?

Our website adheres to privacy as laid down by the law of the land. But then we also keep in mind the international laws relating to protecting the privacy of visitors coming onto our site.

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