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Japan Airline introduces perfect solution for passengers who hate sitting next to kids

Irritated With long flight next to a loud, scream and crying child? Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines has introduced the perfect solution for any travellers who would rather avoid sitting near children, by highlighting which seats have been booked by under 12s

Irritated With Children in Your Flight?

Kids are pious bundles of innocence, but let’s be honest, sometimes all of it just vanishes away when the kids go grumpy, especially during flights. Travelling experiences involving seats around kids are unforgettable for some people. So much so that they wish they do not have to experience it again. However, such travellers can now do away with the constant disruption of their peace of mind.

Airlines tend to cater to people with children by offering them toys and candies. However, in a first-of-its-kind service, an airline is offering services to travellers who get annoyed by kids around them. People booking tickets for Japan Airlines can opt for seats that are far from toddlers. During the pre-booking of seats, the airlines generally show an aerial view of the cabin of the plane to ease the process of selection of seats.

Japan Airlines has tweaked the selection process and now shows the seats booked for passengers below 12yearsmarked separately. Passengers who want to enjoy the flight without a kid kicking the back of their seats can nowopt for seats that are at a peaceful distance. The seats of passengers with babies and kids will be marked with a child icon on the booking portal, reported Mirror.

However, it is also to be noted that such a condition seldom arises as most of the kids are quite behaved and maintain the decorum in the cabin. Therefore, the feature is solely for eliminating the chance of somebody getting their mental peace disrupted. The Japan Airlines’ website also notes that the smiling child icon will only appear for booking done through the official portal of the airlines and not any third-party portals.

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  1. Mike

    This is nothing new; the original concept of Business Class and then Economy Extra was to seperate business passengers from the rest. Singapore Airlines used to only allocate business class to passengers travelling without children.
    But, as we see now business class is a means for an airline to reap as much profit as it possibly can and if that means a family with kids then so be it. 🙁

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