Airlines Missed Flight Policy

Unfortunately, if you’ve missed your flight due through a fault of your own, you will not receive a refund from your airline. Generally, the only time you will get your money back is if the airline cancels your flight.

What happens if you miss a connecting flight on purpose? If you are responsible for missing your connecting flight, the airline is not obligated pay for a replacement, or to offer any compensation. If you ask the airline to assist you with your re-booking, they may oblige.

If you don’t turn up for a flight, you will either be rebooked on another flight, charged a cancellation fee or will lose the entire value of your ticket.

What to do when I miss my Delta Airlines Flight: How to Rebook or Reschedule Your Missed Flight on Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines Missed Flight Policy Delta Missed Flight: You may be wondering what happens if you miss a Delta Airlines flight. This airline has a strict policy for missed flights, and this policy can have a huge impact on your travel plans. Here are a few things you should know before booking your next airline…

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