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How to Book Iberia Airlines Flight

Iberia’s website has many benefits for travellers looking to book an Iberia Airlines flight. The user-friendly website offers many options for booking flights, including online check-in and mobile apps. The official website also provides travel tips to help travellers navigate the site. 

You can also download the app to your smartphone. In addition to the official website, Iberia’s mobile app has a check-in feature. The web check-in option is available 24 hours before the flight, so make sure to complete your online form within the timeframe set out.

Once you have completed the booking process, you can view your itinerary and make changes.

  • If you’d like to change your travel dates or destinations, the Manage My Booking section allows you to do so.
  • If you’d like to cancel your flight, call Iberia Airlines’ customer service line to discuss your options.
  • If you’d like to upgrade to a higher-class fare, you’ll find a step-by-step guide that will walk you through the process.

The best way to book your seat is online, through Iberia’s mobile app, or through an agent. While you can change your seat selection after 24 hours, you’ll have to pay the difference and forfeit the extra money if you’d like to upgrade your seat. 

To avoid these extra costs, you should make your seat selections at booking. However, if you cannot decide before you board the plane, you can always call the airline’s customer service number and request a change or cancellation.

How to Book Iberia Airlines Flight by Phone

Whether you need to purchase tickets for your next vacation or want to get a quote, Iberia has the phone number and email address you need. The airline also offers online booking. 

If you’d like to book a flight with Iberia by phone, there are a few things you should know. The airline’s website doesn’t have the most up-to-date information about availability.

When you book your flight with Iberia, you’ll be able to choose your seat. The airline’s website allows you to select your seat when you make the booking. You’ll have 24 hours to check-in. 

You can also check-in online. You can check-in online starting the day before departure. This option is helpful if you’re traveling on a tight schedule. You wll be able to see the status of your flight in real-time.

You’ll need to enter the number of passengers you’d like to travel with. Then enter the name of your desired passenger. Ensure you have all the information for the flight. 

Depending on your purchase terms, you may not be able to issue your tickets automatically. In such cases, you’ll need to follow the instructions provided during the purchase process. For more information, visit Iberia’s website.

Iberia Airlines All Cabin Classes & Amenities

Iberia Airlines offers the following cabin classes: first business economy, first, and premium. The Iberia premium economy offers noise-canceling earphones and an amenity kit. 

The seatback entertainment screen is 13 inches wide, larger than the standard coach model. 

In addition to the wide seatback screen, passengers who fly in Iberia’s premium economy will enjoy priority boarding, a better selection of food, and more legroom. The luggage allowance in Iberia’s Premium Economy class is increased to seven pieces.

Iberia’s business class cabin is rather dull. There is just one cabin on some of the older Airbus A330-300 planes, which have a small rear cabin. The seats themselves are comfortable but have many scuffs and dings. 

However, the airline is updating its aircraft fleet, including the business-class cabin, so I would recommend flying Iberia as a budget option.

I was surprised to see a new menu and different seating options on the Iberia flight. Iberia’s business class meals are a major upgrade, and I can’t wait to fly on them again. Iberia’s meals are Mediterranean-inspired and use local ingredients.

The airline also has new tableware and linen tablecloths. The sample menu featured roast lamb with smoked peppers, langoustines in Parmesan tomato sauce, broccolini and rice, and spinach quiche with Manchego cheese.

Iberia’s premium economy seats are much more comfortable than regular economy seats. Their deep recline and extra-supportive padding are welcome for travellers traveling in a premium economy. 

The reclining seats tilt upward to create a cradling effect, which helps to keep passengers relaxed and comfortable. A higher level of service on Iberia means that the experience is even better.

Iberia’s premium economy seats are a 2-4-2 configuration, which provides 37 inches of separation between rows. All of these seats have a pillow, and you can choose your preferred seating on the plane. 

Premium Economy on Iberia Airlines is more expensive than the ordinary economy, but it’s worth it for the extra comfort and convenience. First-class passengers enjoy a better level of service and quality than their peers.

Business-class seats are the largest seats in the Iberia system. They offer direct aisle access and lie-flat seats that extend 76 inches in length. They also feature individual lighting and a USB port. 

There are no other amenities that rival the Iberia air traveller’s experience. But if you’re looking for the best business-class travel options, Iberia is the airline for you.

How to Book a Trip to Multiple Destinations on Iberia Airlines

If you are looking to travel to multiple destinations in Europe, you can book your flight with Iberia Airlines. The airline is popular among tourists due to its low fares, convenient schedules, and many codeshare flights with other airlines. 

Iberia flies to more than 100 destinations in 40 countries around the world. Read on to discover how to book a trip with Iberia.

If you want to enjoy more than one destination on Iberia Airlines, you can sign up for its Iberia Plus loyalty program. By signing up for the loyalty program, you can earn Avios and redeem them for your trip. 

When you fly with Iberia, you can use your Avios on more than 1,000 One world destinations. You can even transfer your Avios between accounts.

If you want to enjoy a variety of destinations on Iberia Airlines flights, you should make sure to check out their website. You can also check-in online and print your boarding pass, which you can bring along on the flight.

The best time to check-in is 60 minutes before departure. This way, you will not have to wait for the airport to open. You can also choose to buy extra items on your flight with vouchers.

Iberia Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

If you’re looking for a frequent flyer program, you may want to try Iberia Airlines. The airline’s program offers miles to travel to destinations around the world. 

In addition to flying, members can earn reward points when purchasing hotel stays or rental cars. You can also earn miles for non-travel transactions, such as credit card purchases, long-distance phone services, and even stock trades.

Iberia Airlines is the world’s largest airline, which means that its frequent flyer program is extremely profitable. It also helps offset financial headwinds, as the airline has a partnership with American Express. 

This partnership is meant to reward cardholders for spending money with the company, and they can redeem their rewards on other airline companies. As a result, it is essential to use the program when you travel to and from Spain.

Many of the larger airlines offer a frequent flyer program. 

Iberia Flight Booking Faqs

Offices in USA
  1. Bookings. (+1)800-772-4642. 00:00 - 24:00h. Daily (Spanish and English).
  2. Iberia Plus Centre. 1800 772 4642. From 8.00 to 24.00 Monday to Sunday (Spanish and English).
  3. Iberia Baggage Services Centre. 800 772 4642.
You can hold the price of the flight you have booked on for 72 hours without having to pay for the ticket. Once you have made up your mind, simply go to Booking Management and finalise your purchase within 72 hours. Otherwise, the booking will be automatically cancelled.
e-mail: Please write your Iberia Plus number in the subject of your e-mail.
If you bought your ticket with Avios or Avios&Money, please request a change or refund through the Call Centre or by filling in the Iberia Plus help form. If you request a refund, we'll credit the Avios to your Iberia Plus account and refund the taxes to the payment card you used to buy your ticket.
Bottom line: We would definitely fly Iberia Premium Economy again. The upgrade (which cost us about $300 additional per person, round-trip) is well worth the expense on a long-haul transatlantic flight.
Our merger with Iberia is now complete, creating Europe's third largest scheduled airline. Both airlines will continue to offer a great service but now this will be available across an extended network of destinations worldwide.
To be able to take your luggage free of charge, you must ensure that you meet the following size and weight regulations: - The sum of each piece of luggage must not exceed 158 cm/62 in including...
IMPORTANT NOTICE In the interests of your safety and to reduce movements on board, we recommend that you check in your cabin bag, free of charge, and only board the plane with a small bag or ...
You can book flights with Iberia for yourself or for whoever you want in exchange for your Avios: Enjoy your Avios and use them to get a discount when you book your tickets. ...
Changes to names on reservations of seats and/or tickets are NOT allowed. For this reason we ask you to pay special attention when writing the names and family name(s) of the passengers, which mu...
The large family discount is applied directly at You just need to mark the category type that you have and the discount code in the purchasing process. Those travelling on the...
An commitment where we offer you the lowest price for Iberia flights departing from Spain. If you have bought your ticket via our website and on the same day you find it in another Sp...


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