February 28, 2022

American Airlines Baggage Policy: All you need to know

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American Airlines Baggage Policy – Checked luggage on American Airlines can be as big as 32 kilograms and 62 inches. The airline also has certain weight limits for luggage, and you can only check-in up to four bags.

The hand luggage dimensions must not be more than 56 inches by 36 inches by 23 inches. This allows you to bring along one carry-on bag and one personal item.

NOTE: If you have two checked bags and need to add a third, you can do so for an additional fee.

American Airlines Baggage Policy

Checking your baggage with American Airlines is a breeze! The airline allows one carry-on bag per passenger and one personal item per ticket.

  • You must make sure that your items are small enough to fit under the seat in front of you.
  • You will be charged a fee for each additional bag, but you can always check your bags for free.
  • Also, remember that families with children get special baggage treatment.
  • You will be able to board early at the gate if you are flying with children under two.
  • You’ll be able to pack a small backpack or purse.
  •  The bag’s dimensions should be less than 18 inches by 14 inches.

Unlike many airlines, American Airlines allows you to check sporting equipment and musical instruments. Be sure to follow the airline’s guidelines, and don’t overpack!

The weight and size of your luggage must be under 50 pounds and 126 inches long. If your bag is overweight, it will be considered oversized and subject to an additional charge.

 In some cases, the fee for oversized luggage will be combined with the fee for checked baggage.

Regardless of the type of fare you buy, American Airlines allows you to check one piece of checked baggage free of charge.

However, you’re not allowed to carry more than 50 lbs. (23 kg) and 62 inches long. In addition, the size of your luggage should be smaller than the maximum size.

How do I get a human at American Airlines?

Connecting through a phone number is an excellent way to contact American Airlines' customer service. If you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming flight, call the phone number to get answers fast.

There are several ways to Connect Through an American Airlines Phone number. The American Airlines customer service line calls are toll-free, but you might have to pay for the call, especially if you're calling from another country.

For the best results, choose a local number in your country and make sure to use the correct area code. Fortunately, you'll be able to speak Mandarin, English, or French, and you'll be able to get assistance in multiple languages.

Language Phone
American Airlines Main Hotline (833) 246-4532
Spanish 800-633-3711
French 800-756-8613
Portuguese 866-824-8717
Creole 800-833-5767
Japanese 800-237-0027
Mandarin Chinese 800-492-8095
Hearing & Speech Impairment Dial 711 to be connected through the National Relay Service

Does American Airlines have a customer service chat?

AAdvantage® members can now connect directly with a team member in our new live chat feature. When we're unavailable, you can also get 24 / 7 virtual help in the tool.

American Support Live Chat On Social Media

Recently, any client could easily chat with an American Airlines spokesperson on social media. There are many social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Regrettably, customer care is available for this during the working hours and time.

American Airlines Baggage Fee

American Airlines has consistent baggage fees across its entire network. The fee is charged on all checked bags on domestic flights and routes to Canada and Mexico. The airline also charges an extra fee for oversize or overweight luggage.

 You can bring a soft-sided garment bag with you in place of your carry-on, but you must keep in mind that these items must measure 51 inches or less. You may also have to pay a gate-checking charge if you want to check a larger bag.

The airline charges a fee for checked bags that weigh over 70 pounds. The fee is $200 per way for bags between 71 and 100 pounds. However, if your bag weighs around 100 pounds, you will be charged $450 per way.

In addition to this, you must also check in any medical equipment or items you’re carrying. If you have a pet, you can also bring it with you.

The cost for the pet is higher than the regular baggage fee. If you’re traveling with a pet, you must pay an additional fee for the second bag.

If you’re traveling with skis, snowboards, or equipment bags, you should only carry a single carry-on bag.

 The hefty baggage fee applies to bags that weigh more than 50 pounds, and overweight and oversized luggage will be charged more than 50 pounds, regardless of class.

NOTE: It is essential to check your luggage’s weight and size, as these fees can add up quickly and make traveling on the airline extremely costly.

What’s included in the American Airlines Baggage Fee?

The fee will depend on the destination and the size of the bag. Some destinations allow free checked baggage, but others charge you for oversized bags.

 It’s important to know the size restrictions when checking your bags. You can check up to two large bags for $100 each. There are usually other limitations, and the fee can vary widely. You’ll need to know the rules of each airline and destination before you book your flight.

The size of your checked luggage is determined by the airline. American Airlines will charge you for overweight bags. You can take one carry-on bag and one personal item on board for free.

The dimensions of your checked luggage must be 18 x 14 x 8 inches or less. The dimensions of your carry-on bag can be as large as 50 pounds.

 If you’re traveling with children, you’ll need to pay an extra fee for a stroller or car seat.

The amount you pay will depend on the type of ticket you purchase. If you’re traveling with children, you’ll be able to take one carry-on bag, and make sure it’s not too large because it’ll prevent you from taking your seat.

During the check-in process, you should check the size of your carry-on and personal item and make sure you have the correct size.

NOTE: Keep in mind that you can only check one bag per flight.

What is American Airlines’ (AA) carry-on baggage policy?

American Airlines allows passengers to check-in one piece of hand luggage per ticket. The item must fit under the seat in front of you and be less than 50 lbs (23 kg).

It must also be no larger than 126 linear inches. The item’s size must be 18 inches in width and 14 inches in height. If you are traveling with a musical instrument, you can check it for $30.

One personal item may be carried on board, provided it fits under the seat in front of you. The item cannot exceed eighteen inches in width and fourteen inches in length and thickness, and it must not contain a laptop or any food.

 Those wishing to bring along a baby should use an approved safety seat or stroller. People who need a wheelchair or other assistive device should check the airline’s policies before buying a ticket.

The maximum size of the hand baggage allowed by American Airlines is 20 inches in height and 14 inches in width. Oversized bags, defined as weighing more than 50 pounds, will be charged a fee.

First-class and Business class passengers may check up to two bags free of charge. Other items, such as household goods, wheelchairs, and scooters, will have to be checked.

What is American Airlines’ (AA) checked baggage / hold luggage policy?

There are restrictions on American Airlines’ baggage policies. You can check-in only one bag, but it must be between 50 and 32 pounds and a maximum of 126 inches. The maximum weight for your checked bag is 50 pounds.

 Fortunately, you can carry up to 70 pounds. But, be aware that the more bags you check, the more you’ll pay. For this reason, it’s a good idea to know what the size and weight limits are.

  • American Airlines allows you to check in one suitcase and one carry-on bag for US domestic flights.
  • You can also bring a personal item, as long as it’s smaller than your carry-on bag.
  • Keep in mind that your personal item must fit under the seat in front of you.

While most airlines allow you to bring two standard suitcases and two carry-on bags, you’ll find that international travelers will be allowed up to five, 10, and 15 pounds, respectively. Oversize and overweight bags will cost you more, so be sure to plan.

What are the maximum size and weight of your carry-on luggage? American Airlines will allow you to check one bag per person and one personal item per bag.

However, this does not mean that you’ll have to leave your sports equipment behind, and it’s better to check it before your flight to ensure that you have enough room. And if you’re traveling with children, consider a travel backpack.

How to Avoid American Baggage Fees

It’s common to ask yourself, “Is there any way to avoid American baggage fees?” The answer is a resounding yes. It’s not that difficult. Most airlines have a set amount of baggage allowed, and you can usually check one bag free of charge.

But you should be aware of what your limitations are. Many people don’t realize that they can pack more than their basic economy ticket allows, which can quickly add up.

Checked baggage on American Airlines costs $30 each way. This is higher if you’re traveling to Europe or bringing more than two checked bags.

 Overweight and oversized baggage also cost more, so it’s best to pack light and check as many items as you can.

The fee depends on the airline, destination, and route, so it’s worth knowing how to avoid these charges.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to avoid the fees associated with checked bags on American Airlines flights.

  • Pack light.
  • American Airlines offers up to 10 free checked bags.
  • If you don’t have elite status or are traveling on a budget, you can still avoid paying these fees.
  •  However, if you’re travelling on a plane, be sure to check the size and weight of your baggage beforehand.
  • You can also sign up for rewards credit cards with American Airlines to get free checked luggage.
  • You can also avoid paying the extra fee for an overweight or oversized bag by simply packing less.

American Airlines Baggage Faqs

American Airlines (AA) allows 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item (purse, briefcase, laptop bag) per passenger fee free. Carry-on should not exceed the following size and weight restrictions: 45 linear inches (22 x 14 x 9 in) or 115 centimeters (56 x 36 x 23 cm) including handles and wheels.
More American Airlines baggage fees
Baggage category Fee Max Weight
First checked bag $30 50lbs
Second checked bag $40 50lbs
Third checked bag $150 50lbs
Fourth(+) checked bag $200 50lbs
Premium cabin passengers, elite members and even co-branded credit card holders get free checked bags on American Airlines. Checked bag fees are also waived for passengers traveling to certain destinations.
Lastly, American Airlines said, “[A backpack] will count toward your allowance, and be considered your personal item, if you place it under the seat — or your carry-on if it's placed in the overhead bin.” Personal items should not exceed 22 x 14 x 9 inches.
Customers traveling on Economy Class tickets will be charged $25 each way for the first checked bag and $35 each way for the second checked bag within the weight and size limitations. Exceptions may apply. For additional bags, see aa.com/baggageallowance.
The sure-fire way to avoid this fee is to travel with a carry-on bag only. However, if you simply cannot do without your checked luggage, try to pay for the bag online, as it is typically much cheaper to purchase your bag on the airline's website rather than pay up front at the check-in counter.
You can check-in online or from the app starting 24 hours before and up to 45 minutes before departure (90 for international). To check-in and check bags at the airport, you must be there a certain amount of time before scheduled departure: Within the U.S. – 45 minutes.
56 x 36 x 23 cm
American Airlines Carry-On Allowance Basic Economy, Economy and higher fares: one carry-on item measuring 22 x 14 x 9 in (56 x 36 x 23 cm), plus a personal item measuring 18 x 14 x 8 in (45 x 35 x 20 cm). There is no specific weight restriction.
Here's what might happen if your carry on bag is one inch too big… You might be forced to check your bag at the boarding gate and be made to pay a checked bag fee. ... Fees range between $25 and $35. Some airlines such as United will price gouge you if they force check you at the gate for being oversize.


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  • Click it, and follow the instructions.
  • Then, click on the topic and why you'd like to communicate.

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Fortunately, the airline has a grace period for late arrivals and rebooking, and you should be fine. However, if you are too early for your flight, the airline may not be able to rebook you may end up waiting for a long time to get on a plane.

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The American Airlines Pet Policy is the most comprehensive and strict for flying with your pet. Regardless of your airline, you need to be aware of the requirements and regulations for traveling with your pet.

 Before you begin booking your next flight with American Airlines, it's best to contact the airline's customer service department to ensure that you have all the information you need. Fortunately, the airline is incredibly easy to work with.

American Airlines Baggage Policy

Checking your baggage with American Airlines is a breeze! The airline allows one carry-on bag per passenger and one personal item per ticket.

  • You must make sure that your items are small enough to fit under the seat in front of you.
  • You will be charged a fee for each additional bag, but you can always check your bags for free.
  • Also, remember that families with children get special baggage treatment.
  • You will be able to board early at the gate if you are flying with children under two.
  • You'll be able to pack a small backpack or purse.
  •  The bag's dimensions should be less than 18 inches by 14 inches.

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If you are looking forward to flying with American Airlines, you are looking forward to a hassle-free and comfortable travel experience. You can always aim for American Airlines Manage Flight Booking in the simplest way possible by making reservations through the official website.

American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

The American Airlines unaccompanied minor policy is designed to protect your child. If you have to travel with your child, knowing the rules and restrictions is imperative. It would help if you took extra precautions to keep your child safe and comfortable during the flight.

Follow the following steps to ensure your child's safety and comfort while on an airline.

  • If you are unable to do so, you must contact the carrier.
  • They will contact you as soon as possible and work with you to find a suitable alternative flight.
  •  If you don't know what you're doing, they will also offer assistance in the form of overnight lodging, meals, and supervision.

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Are you confused by American Airlines Missed Flight Policy? If you haven't taken a flight for whatever reason, there's good news. The airline will refund the cost of a ticket for any missed flights.

If you miss your flight due to circumstances beyond your control, you may be able to get a new one on the same airline. This is the perfect way to avoid missing a flight and deserve compensation.

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The American Airlines Name Change Policy allows customers to alter their names in various ways, including online and offline. These methods are dependent on the circumstances and are subject to specific rules and regulations.

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Is It Cheaper To Buy American Airlines Tickets over Phone

The short answer is yes. The American Airlines website is more expensive than booking directly with the airline, but only marginally so. On average, in our tests and experience, you’ll pay $2-5 more per ticket on americanairlines.com as opposed to calling and booking over the phone.

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