How to change the name on Frontier Airline ticket

Frontier Airline Name Change

Have you recently booked your flight ticket with Frontier Airlines and later realized that the name printed on your flight ticket is incorrect? Then, you don’t need to fret out as the airline understands such situations and offers its passengers a provision to modify their name on the flight ticket. And for the passengers who are not aware of the process and policy, they can check out the information mentioned in this article. 

If you need to change the name on your ticket prior to travel but plan to keep the same itinerary, you may do so by paying the following:

  • Any difference between the fare already paid and the current fare selling for the same itinerary
  • $75 fee

To change the name on a ticket, please call Frontier Reservations at 801-401-9000.

NOTE: If you must make an itinerary change (date changes or city changes) in addition to the name change, both the name change cost of $75 and subject to a fee found here.

Steps to change the name on Frontier Airline ticket:

Well, for the name correction process, the user is required to opt for Frontier airlines manage booking service and follow the steps mentioned below to modify their name on the booked reservation. 

  • Navigate to the official website.
  • Once done click on manage bookings or my trips
  • You will get number of options
  • Tap and select one option to change reservations
  • You will be asked to enter the booking code
  • Follow further steps and change the name in the ticket 
  • Once done you will receive a notification
  • And if required you would also be charged for the changes made.

How to Find Your Network Name and Password

To make the following changes, you must contact Frontier Airlines.

  1. Change the billing name on your account:
  2. Upgrade or change your TV, internet or phone services, including adding channels or increasing your speed:
  3. Move your services to your next home:
  4. Turn on or turn off Temporary Hold/Vacation Service:
    • Call 1.800.921.8101 to see if you qualify.You may be able to suspend your Frontier services for a period of time at a discounted rate.
  5. Cancel your services:

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