Air India Name Change/Correction Policy

Air India Name Change
Air India Name Change

When you arrive at the airport at the check-in desk and the name on your flight ticket does not exactly match the first and last name in accordance with your passport, you will be refused to the flight, in accordance with the rules of the airline.

To do a name change, you always need to contact the booking website or the airline, because your flight ticket must be changed properly and reissued under the correct name.

All Air India reservations require a valid first and last name as provided by the passenger. The travel Service provider must provide the customer’s first and last names which are identical to those in the customer’s passport. Do not perform Name changes or cancel the Names in the PNRs. Name changes are not permitted on reservations unless entered for the purpose of correcting a mis-spelling of the passenger’s name. Contact the Air India Reservation offices for assistance with mis-spellings to avoid cancellation of space.

Air India Name Change:

The value of the existing ticket will be locked and passengers will be allowed to get the ticket reissued for a new passenger nominated by him/her, allowing him freedom from the limitation of self-travel only for a future date. However, conditions, as mentioned in Points 1 & 2, will apply. The facility will only be available through Air India City Booking Offices.

Rules for Name Change:

  1. Only Domestic sector tickets issued in India by Airport/City ticketing office and agents will be considered.
  2. The facility to issue fresh tickets, involving name change can be availed only at the city offices in the metro cities of
  3. This scheme will cover tickets issued with Cash and Credit card payment only.
  4. Only fully unutilised tickets will be considered.

The base rule for most airlines is that no name change is allowed once the airline ticket is issued. Caveats exist and they are:

  • It is just a correction in the name which is easily fixed by calling customer service. They may ask to see ID proof. Your agent may be able to do this as well.
  • If it is a complete name change then the agent may have some power to get it changed by working with the airline, especially if its within 24 hours of booking the ticket.
  • If it is a refundable ticket your best option would be to cancel it and reissue a ticket with the right name.

If none of the above apply then you will simply have to get a new ticket issued paying the penalties on the first ticket since as I mentioned earlier, a complete name change is generally not allowed and clearly mentioned prior to booking the ticket.

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